Origins of Golf

Origins of Golf
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Pangea Press
Publication Year: 2012
Length: 134 Pages
ASIN: 1493560743
ISBN: 9781493560745

The origins of golf, and other stick and ball games, traces back through human history. This book explosres the development of the golf from the earliest evidence of these games and cultures from around the world which lent their influence to the modern sport.

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About the Book
Gary Roen Sybdicated Book Reviewer

Gary Roen
Sybdicated Book Reviewer

“Origins of Golf” is a total departure from what Pangea Institute’s Scott Marlowe is most well known.  Usually Marlowe’s books have been about strange creatures; Bigfoot for example.

Now Marlowe traces the very beginnings of the sport of golf and shows that every major culture has had some form of the modern game. He shows how Polo, croquet, and other stick and ball sports have been an influence to the popular “Scottish” sport.

Marlowe’s writing is easy to follow and he poses many different scenarios anyone can understand.  “Origins of Golf” is a fun excursion into the many facets of this pasttime so many like to play.

No fan of this sport should miss “Origins of Golf.”

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