Fossil Teen Summer Camp- Can You Dig It?


Smilodon fatalis

Pangea Institute kicked off the summer with a bang — or in fossil terms, a “fang.” And, our fossil camp, organized for the Hillsborough Community College,  was a big hit!

At the camp, Scott Marlowe, our crptozoologist and fossil expert showed the kids a variety of shark teeth and other commonly found fossil  found in Florida. Among the fossils was a skull replica of a saber tooth cat and a real Columbian mammoth tooth that was discovered at a private dig site in Bradenton, Fl by Pangea contributer, Richard Funari of Lakeland, Florida.

Students also did a little digging on their own on a field trip to Dinosaur World where they came face to face with T-Rex and Spinosaurus life-size replicas and viewed a “Dig site” hosted by the facilities expert paleontologgists.


Campert experience a dig experience at Dinosaur World during Pangea’s Fossil Camp summer camp.

Pangea Institute is always out in the field exploring for new fossils and providing hands on camps and workshops to teens and adults.

If your child seeks to attend a camp or workshop visit our website calendar or Facebook  page for more information and upcoming adventures.

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Pangea’s Fossil Float participants dig for real fossils on the Peace River

ok forward in seeing you at our next fossil event!

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