The Great Icon Deliberation

Pangea’s Lamp of Learning (AKA “Aladdin’s Lamp”) icon has been around since the organization’s very beginning.  The lamp servicemark, along with our name, intending world harmony through education and the slogan, “We make learning and adventure,” epitomizes our belief in the poet Mark Van Doren’s quotation “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery” is pretty much realized.  The lamp symbolizes lighting the way to knowledge.

At the time it was selected, the lamp chosen for the icon was simply a graphic we had found that appealed to us.  Little did we know that “Life (really does) imitates art.”

One of Pangea’s many friends, Kevin A. Ranson, a Content Creator, Horror Writer, Film Critic, & US Navy veteran, who is a Fan of Pangea Institute that follows our organization on Facebook, happened to notice that our beloved icon was a dead on match to an object d’ art he had in his collection of unusual pieces he had accumulated through his world travels. Kevin was kind enough to put together and propose an “update” to the original lamp icon for us (see the images below).


Original Lamp Icon

New Pangea Lamp Logo

Proposed Lamp Icon

Well, this creates a bit of a controversy amongst Pangea’s many Fellows, Fans, Friends, and Followers.  You see, our “traditionalists” don’t want to change our recognized symbol – even a little bit.  Yet, our “progressives” favor the change as reflecting our progress over the years we’ve been around.

This upshot is that we need your opinion to help us resolve the controversy.  So, please let us know what you think by commenting on the artwork.  After a while, we’ll assemble all the comments and the Fellows will make a decision, yay or nay, on updating or not Pangea’s esteemed symbol.

Thank you for your input!!

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