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Attention Cryptozoology Fans!

Cryptid Culture Magazine is a new print publication based out of Long Island, NY. Brian Richardson, founder and designer for “Mythic Articulations,” came up with the inspiration for the magazine while discovering all of the ‘cryptid art’ and artists for “Mythic Articulations.”

Armed with the concept Richardson began pulling together material for the new magazine in early 2015.  “We began to believe there might be an audience for such a magazine if it could include not only visual art but fiction, essays, poetry etc. as well as content covering the influence of cryptids on books, film, TV, gaming, fashion, social media and science; really anything that might fall under the purview of ‘cryptid culture’ including interviews with cryptozoologists” says Richardson.

The editors began to tap Pangea Fellows for contribution of articles and photography shortly thereafter.  So far, Pangea cryptozoologists, Ken Gerhard, Linda Godfrey, Scott Marlowe, and many of our colleagues have provided stories to “Cryptid Culture.”

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About Scott Marlowe

Scott Marlowe, A Fellow 0f the famed Pangea Institute and educational consultant to The American Primate Conservation Alliance, is the first expert in the field of cryptozoology to succeed in establishing an on-going college-level course in that subject at a state institution of higher learning anywhere in the world. The author of “Cryptid Creatures of Florida,” (originally published by CFZ Press of Great Britain) Marlowe “literally wrote the book” on Cryptozoology in the Sunshine State. This acclaimed work was followed by “Bigfoot Enigma”, “Bigfoot in Art History”, “Squallies” his first fictionalized novella about a pre-World War II government experiment on producing super-soldiers by cross-breeding humans with apes, and now “Weird Monsters” a collection of fictionalized short stories based on true accounts involving the odd, strange, and unexplained terrors haunting small southern towns. Marlowe's television credits include MonsterQuest, Is it True, Legend Hunters, Destination Truth, Weird Florida, William Shatner’s Weird or What?, and Weird Travels in addition to countless radio appearances, TV guest spots on major television networks and cable stations. and lecture tours.
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