Pangea’s Ferrara Speaks at the UN

Clayton Louis Ferrara

Clayton Louis Ferrara

It was a heck of an honor and the first of many trips in my life to speak my mind to the World. It’s pretty humbling to have 500 something likes and over 150 inbox messages all expressing love and support from my friends, acquaintances, and respected colleagues. Thank You.

I appreciate the support, but please know this is far from being only about me. If anything, it is least about me. Regardless of what you think or believe, we as human beings are in this together. We walked out of Africa together, we spread ourselves across the Earth together and we have such a grand opportunity to elevate ourselves out of the dirt some 3 billion people still struggle in. IDEAS For Us is here to help and I am here to lay down my life for this cause.

I urge you, open your heart and your mind, and help someone today. Lead with love and you will be surprised what you can accomplish.

UN Assembly


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