Pangea Productions

Pangea Productions is the video, audio, and talent arm of Pangea Institute.

We are always looking for new creative ways to educate and inspire using the power of film, video, television, radio, and digital media.  We are constantly working on educational programming that can be used to educate home school children, students in school, and people in general.

Our Fellows and Production Team work with producers providing research, content, and professional talent for venues such as The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, PBS, The Travel Channel, SyFy, National Geographiuc, Broadcast Television, Talk Radio,  and other producers of information for mass audience consumption.

We also maintain our own channel on YouTube which can be viewed over your computer monitor or streamed to your Roku (or related) device equipped television set.

Got an idea for a video or presentation?  Use “Contact Us” in the main menu  to discuss your concept and perhaps we can help you put your idea into action.